Tradiuus is an app with an active map. which displays active Trade Contractors, in real time, who are nearby. It is such a benefit to you, to have a real-time picture of all the active Tradesmen who are coincidentally working within 0 – 10 miles of your location. What’s even easier, is that any available Trade Contractor who toggles his beacon to “On”, is at your fingertips. He is eager and waiting to address your “Service Call”. Just text or call!

Why should any customer scour the web to find a responsive Trade Contractor like a Plumber or HVAC Tech, especially for emergencies, when there are Tradiuus Contractors wrapping up another call four blocks away? Tradiuus is tailored for you, where you the customer could detect these Trades easier. Join Tradiuus. Simply tap on any active trade’s icon on the map, review these company’s info etc., and connect. Stop scouring the internet for Contractors and just ‘Tradiuus’ them. Simple, Convenient, Efficient. 

We are revolutionizing the way you the customer find emergency Trade professionals. Be it Commercial, Industrial or Residential Service Calls, these Trades become immediately visible to you. We have also tailored a suite of fast features which these Contractors can customize to give you an automated preview of their basic pricing, reviews, and their customized promotional company videos etc. Resolve your emergency service issues quicker and more efficiently!  


Registration & Operation

Register Personal Info

Simply fill out your personal info like your name, email address, type of home you live in, set up your password etc. Once this info is logged, any Trade Contractor that you connect with, would have a basic outline of you the Customer on your proposed “service call” job ticket.

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Active Screen Players

The app opens up to a real time map where there are roving or stationary icons represented. These icons are Trade Contractors and you are to simply tap on the icon to preview that Contractor’s profile. If you are satisfied, you can either schedule him via text or tap on the phone button and call him directly.

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Booking Contractor

After previewing the Contractor’s profile, if you choose to schedule services from that Contractor. Three preset questions about your emergency conditions would populate and your response to those questions would be transcribed to your job ticket. Also, it is optional for you to take (2) pictures of the condition, of which, these too are added to the job ticket.

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Closing Job Ticket

Once the Contractor completes his response to your emergency and your call has been resolved, we implore you to close the job ticket out. This allows for you to submit a quick review of our Contractor for other users. It is also advised, that Customers enroll in our affiliate payment platform, Stripe, thus facilitating a quick and secure method of paying the Contractor. All our Contractors have a Stripe account..

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Tradiuus cost you the Customer nothing. You simply enroll and enjoy the convenience of our "Service Call" platform. We do recommend enrolling with Stripe however, because all of our Trade Contractors have accounts there.

Stripe Platform

per month

All our Contractors have Stripe accounts. Make payment for your services streamlined. 24/7 support from Stripe